#1 in translations

Certified translations

Over 5000 vetted professional translators and 25.000 clients have been translating with us since 1994. We translate in 75+ languages!

Our pricing

One-page personal document cost is always 35 Euros (Certificates of birth and death, Marriage certificate, Property and Income certificate, Criminal record, and Certificate of good stand.)
Approval:  The final touch of the translations done is always exercised by native specialist

Guaranteed quality

Why Us ?

We support the world’s best translators with advanced Quality Control. 
We also provide a free comprehensive translation review if you 
happen to be unsatisfied.

We have expertise in the following fields:

  • Legal Translations : Court decisions, Powers of Attorney, Affidavits
  • Contract Translations (any field)
  • Financial Translations 
  • Technical Translations (safety instructions)
  • IT Translations - user manuals
  • Website Translations
  • Medical Translations, Pharmaceutical Translations
  • Book translation
  • Personal documents from any country: certificates, presentations, letters, patents, diplomas
  • WE TRANSLATE emails

Certification of the translation, Notarisation and Apostille are provided at request. 

How can you order with us?

The whole order process can be explained in three simple steps

#1 Power of attorney

Need notarized power of attorney?

Countries, for which we can do professionally Power of attorney in both languages:

  • Bulgaria (Macedonia) + English
  • Romania (Moldova) + English
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany+English
  • Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia + English

Spain and any Spanish – speaking country in South America: 

  • Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, 
  • Ecuador + English
  • Guyana – in English
  • Brazil in Portuguese
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